新西兰青口新鲜到货!本周四,来接触南半球纯净海域的美味 Our NZ Mussels are Back!

TheHappyMonk2018 2019-04-12 07:16:17


I know you have been waiting for this for a long time and have even asked our staff serveral times about our NZ mussels.  


We're sorry but the NZ mussels are not ready yet


明天, 青口君终于坐飞机来到The Happy Monk啦

经过一个冬天的养精蓄锐, 终于重新迎来了这一份来自新西兰纯净海域的美味啦。

After resting for the whole winter (NZ time), the mussels are finally ready to be exported to China! 

十月,终于到了青口最肥美的季节,The Happy Monk 肯定是第一时间就把这份健康的美味搬到家门口来满足各位的味蕾啦,让你们不用千里迢迢也能近距离接触来自新西兰这片纯净海域。

October's the best season for mussels. And we're serving you this healthy and delicious dish right at the earliest time! No need to fly to New Zealand anymore!

Happy Monk把最新鲜的青口从


Happy Monk is bringing the best

 NZ Greenshell Mussel to you!!



Fresh =Best taste


Every Greenshell Mussel's size is almost as big as your hand. The plump native to New Zealand shellfish combines a visually stunning iridescent green shell with a sweet, tender taste and a higher meat-to-shell ratio than any other mussel. NZ Greenshell Mussels are grown on a suspended rope system known as long-line farming. The mussels grow on a series of dropper ropes hanging from a sturdy “backbone” rope that is held up by a row of buoys.




Top Environmental Rating


New Zealand has got one of the biggest and richest sea areas in the world. These mussels come from the islands: Steward island, Banks peninsula and Marburg Fjords. Greenshell Mussels take all their required nutrients from filtering sea water. Nothing else is added. Plus, the New Zealand sea area is far away from the busy sea routes, which gives a pure and clean environment to grow up.



MAP High technique packaging

当青口打捞起来之后,渔民采用800克气调包装进行打包..采用专门配置的充气包装,让贻贝保持鲜活。新西兰新鲜贻贝的生命周期是自从包装之日起的12天。为了保证其新鲜口味佳,渔民们都是对每一个贻贝精挑细选 (年度最走心!)

When the fishermen harvest the mussel, they use MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to do the packaging to provide an extended shelf life without requiring the addition of chemical preservatives or stabilizers. The life cycle of this kind of mussel is 12 days. In order to give the best experience to the customers, every mussel is selected with them in mind.



High Nutritious - ultimate health food

Ø  高蛋白质,低脂肪

Ø  富含丰富的硒,铁,维他命B12,碘

Ø  丰富的omega-3

Ø  High in protein, low in fat

Ø  Rich source of selenium, iron, Vitamin B12 and iodine

Ø  Rich in Omega-3





Mussels are very special

It's mild and you can cook it in many different styles

It also brings you surprises.

经典白葡萄酒青口 / Mariniere



The European classic - white wine, butter, garlic, cream and parsley. This is the traditional way to cook mussels, all you need is to add a tinge of white wine, a hint of cream, some fresh garlic and parsley and top it off with a little butter. The tangy taste from the white wine still remains in the dish and brings all the ingredients together which is what makes the dish so delicious!!!

红辣椒小番茄青口 / Chili And Paprika


The feisty kick - white wine, chili, paprika, garlic, tomato and parsley. This dish will leave your tastebuds tingling. Just imagine, opening the mussel pot, releasing the steam and smelling the freshness of the sea then when you least expect it, the light tangy smell of the tomatoes lingers in the air.




A delicious combination of lemongrass, white wine, coconut, and coriander. Different influences can bring out different tastes of dishes, even if it is the same ingredients.

福佳白青口 / Hoegaarden




A Belgian treat - with Hoegaarden white beer, garlic, soft herbs and a dash of cream. Traditionally white wine is added but this time we’ve changed the recipe to Hoegaarden to change it up a bit. Imagine sinking your teeth in this deliciously prepared mussels dish. 


Tempted? Tomorrow, come over to the Happy Monk and you can have them! Also we've prepared some special deals for you: order a glass of Zeffer cider or a bottle of wine to go with your mussels! 



The Happy Monk brings the best NZ Greenshell Mussel to you!